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April 20, 2020

10 Reasons to Insure your Home with Hiscox

If you have a high value home, then a standard off the shelf insurance policy is unlikely to provide the scope and flexibility of cover which your property, contents and lifestyle require. Therefore, you should consider discussing your requirements with a specialist high net worth Insurance Broker, who apart from arranging cover for your specific circumstances, will also be able to offer advice on risk management, home security, personal safety etc.

– Worldwide All Risks cover for contents and personal effects. Most policies in Spain are on a defined risks basis, whereas the Hiscox Overseas 606 offers All Risks cover, which by definition is far broader.

– Extended Reconstruction cost. So long as the Hiscox Valuer has surveyed your property, Hiscox will pay to repair or rebuild your home after a covered loss, even if the cost to do so is greater than the sum insured.

– Expert loss adjusters. We use experts who are accustomed to dealing with exceptionally high sums insured on claims, as against standard policy adjusters who struggle to comprehend the high values, with the consequent difficulties that presents when making a claim.

– Award winning claims experience. Over the years Hiscox have won many Industry awards for their approach to handling claims, and over 90% of clients who suffer a claim would recommend Hiscox to a friend.

– Jewellery is covered on an All Risks worldwide basis. Jewellery and personal effects are covered anywhere in the world against loss, theft, hold up etc..

– Worldwide Public liability. Standard limit of € 7.500.000 including Employers Liability for domestic staff.

– No average clause. You will not be penalised in the event of a claim for alleged “under insurance”.

– Agreed values for those specified objects of value and jewellery. Avoid any arguments over values in the event of a claim, and agree the values to be indemnified at inception with the Insurer for those objects of value and jewellery.

– Higher limits than standard Policies. Cash is covered up to € 7.500, no limit on loss of domestic heating fuel or metered water, hole in cover of € 1.500 acquired disability of € 75.000, repairs and improvements after a covered loss etc.

– Family Protection Cover. Including aggravated assault, air rage, road rage, car jacking, identity fraud, kidnap & ransom etc..

Op de Beeck & WORTH, are one of Spain’s leading Brokers for high value home insurance, so If you would like to find out more about how you might benefit from a High Net Worth home Insurance policy please call Danni Worth on 95 288 2273 or

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