Insurance made simple

Variables to be considered for your home insurance in Spain

There are concepts you need to know when insuring your home in Spain. Home insurance is different depending on countries, and sometimes saving a little on the premium may leave you without cover in case of claim. Price is important, but the sum insured, the scope of coverage and the responsibility, are important too.

Jul 06, 2015

Golden rules on Private Health Insurance in Spain

'Golden rules' for anyone seeking to buy private health insurance, or indeed for those who already have it, but who want to avoid any nasty surprises in the event of a claim.

Jun 29, 2015


General The recent turmoil in the worlds economy has served to highlight that the welfare state in Europe as we know it, is no longer sustainable. One of the consequences will be that the way in which Governments provide healthcare will experience a major upheaval, with more onus being placed on individuals to bear a

Nov 20, 2014

Claiming on household insurance

An accident in your home does not just have financial consequences; it may have other effects that disrupt your everyday life. At Op de Beeck & Worth we have an in-house department exclusively to handle claims and we are by your side every step of the way. Below is a guide to the key points involved

Apr 29, 2014

Banks charge higher average rates for Life Assurance than insurance companies

This is the conclusion of research recently conducted by GLOBAL ACTUARIAL and INESE through mystery shoppers who contacted 28 insurance companies and banks that sell insurance in Spain. They analysed the premiums and cover for Life Assurance sold by banks and insurance companies. The reference point they used for comparison was life and total disablement cover for

Apr 15, 2014

Protect your home against the increase in burglaries in Spain

According to the latest data from Kelisto, 2013 saw the highest level of burglaries since this index began to be measured in 1998.  Málaga is a clear example: during the first half of 2013, 2,612 burglaries were reported, 12.4% more than the same period in 2012 and the highest burglary figure recorded since 1998. Due to the

Apr 08, 2014

Funeral Insurance, there for you when you need us most

The death of a loved one is a very sad and troubled time when you also have to deal with countless arrangements including the burial, the funeral and bureaucratic procedures. Added to this, very high costs start to pile up if you are not covered by insurance. For people who live abroad it is even

Dec 12, 2013

Directors and Officers Insurance: the peace-of-mind you need

Just 19% of companies in Spain have taken out Directors and Officers Insurance; yet we are living in an especially complex and demanding environment in which customers, suppliers and employees expose officers of companies large and small to risks and claims. New digital environments, constant changes to laws and regulations, an unstable economy and the need to

Nov 21, 2013

70% of Spanish entrepreneurs do not know about professional indemnity insurance

According to the Third Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur Study, based on a sample of 3,000 SMEs in Europe and the United States, three out of ten Spanish SMEs only take out basic compulsory General Liability Insurance and only 28% take out Professional Indemnity Insurance in Spain, compared with 70% in France and 50% in the UK. 19%

Nov 06, 2013

Administrators Plan: we care about your future and savings

Are you your company’s administrator? Have you ever thought about setting up a savings fund to cover your outgoings when you retire? We are launching the ideal plan for you, the Administrators Plan: brand new savings insurance for company administrators and partners who have effective control. Experience shows us that administrators and partners do not usually retire

Oct 24, 2013
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