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April 5, 2021

Protect yourself against future incapacity

No one knows what the future holds and should you lose your physical or mental independence, due to age, illness or disability it’s important to know you will be looked after and have the right kind of support in place to help you with your daily needs.

Vida Dependencia is a new policy, offered by Op de Beeck & Worth, which pays out a lump sum to cover the cost of care needs in the event of incapacity. Capital can be contracted from €50,000 to €750,000 and will be paid out as long a Medical Practitioner in the Autonomous region where client lives has confirmed the diagnosis. What’s more, the policy is tax deductible, making it a very cost-effective way to gain peace of mind and make provision for any future incapacity.

What is incapacity?

Incapacity is a permanent state in which, due to age, illness or disability, a person finds themselves suffering a loss of loss of physical, mental, intellectual or sensory autonomy and requires support to carry out basic activities and/or to maintain their personal autonomy.

The policy covers two types of incapacity: Severe Incapacity and Great Incapacity, paying the contracted capital in the case of Severe Incapacity and double the contracted capital in the case of Great Incapacity.

Severe Incapacity

Severe Incapacity occurs when a person either needs occasional daily help to carry out daily activities, but does need require the permanent support of a caregiver or has extensive support needs for their personal autonomy.

Great Incapacity

Great Incapacity occurs when the person either needs help to carry out basic daily activities several times a day, due to their total loss of physical, mental or intellectual or sensory autonomy and they require indispensable and continuous assistance from another person.

Example policy: Annual premium of just €164.93 for people up to the age of 55 for a capital of €100,000 in the case of Severe Incapacity and €200,000 in the case of Great Incapacity. There is also the option to pay in either bi-annual or quarterly instalments, provided the instalment is a minimum of €30.

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