Golf Car Buggy Insurance

    Golf Buggy Insurance

    Nowadays most golf courses in Spain require sight of an insurance policy which provides at least third party cover designed to indemnify third parties for any physical or material damage which your buggy may cause.

    We can arrange stand alone third party liability cover, or extend it to include fire and theft as well. The annual cost for the stand alone third party liability cover can be arranged for only 73€. We can also offer fully comprehensive cover with excess of 300€ or 600€ with a premium starting at 237,30€ p.a.

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    As an independent insurance broker, we have been providing our clients with our expertise and advice for over 40 years. Our longstanding relationships with Europe’s leading Insurers, coupled with our experience enable us to find and recommend the best insurance solution, and as a result our business has grown over the years thanks to satisfied clients who come to us by recommendation.

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