Administrators Plan: we care about your future and savings

    Thursday, 24 October, 2013

    Are you your company's administrator? Have you ever thought about setting up a savings fund to cover your outgoings when you retire? We are launching the ideal plan for you, the Administrators Plan: brand new savings insurance for company administrators and partners who have effective control.

    Experience shows us that administrators and partners do not usually retire at a set age due to their importance to the company. Our savings insurance policy enables you to generate funds through annual contributions by your company. When you are ready to retire, the insurance company will directly pay you the relevant amount.

    That is not all the Administrators Plan has to offer. In addition to providing for your retirement, the Administrators Plan offers you and your company appealing tax breaks. The plan may benefit from special treatment as irregular income with a 40% exemption (limited to €300,000). The only condition is for it to have been generated over a period of more than two years and in a non-recurring way. And what about your company? It can deduct all premiums from corporation tax once contributions have been made to the savings fund.

    Find out more details about the Administrators Plan or ask one of our consultants. At Op de Beeck & Worth we take care of your future and savings because we know they are important to you, and you are important to us. 

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