D&O Community of Owners: do not get caught off guard

    Thursday, 26 September, 2013

    Have you ever considered the responsibility which Presidents and Boards of Communities of Owners take on, and the consequences of their actions? Has anyone ever made a claim against you for failing to act with due diligence? Claims from unpaid creditors, breach of trade agreements, data protection, inappropriate investments, poor management, failure to comply with statutory regulations etc... These are just some examples of claims which can be brought against a President or Board of a Community of Owners.

    The philosophy of Op de Beeck & Worth is to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity. Therefore we offer Liability Cover for Presidents & Board members of Community of Owners Insurance. Legal and financial coverage that will protect your assets from any third parties while acting as active President, Vice President, Secretary or any other similar position when managing your Community.

    Protect your wealth. Request information here and get to know our policy for Directors and Officers of Boards of Communities. Broad coverage tailored to your own personal requirements. Do not be caught by surprise!

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