Joining forces against breast cancer

    Wednesday, 16 October, 2013

    Next Saturday 19th October is World Breast Cancer Day which will be very much in the minds of the team at Op de Beeck & Worth. Like many of you, we too have experienced those close to us suffering from this disease as much in our personal as our professional environment. Thus we are promoting an exclusive breast cancer insurance for women who know how to look after themselves and their loved ones. We are proud to support Cudeca's important charity work for those affected by cancer already and will donate €1 for every breast cancer insurance policy signed through us.

    Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer in women worldwide. According to figures given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) breast cancer has more impact on developed countries with higher economic level. Even though Spain is along with Poland one of the countries in Europe with low rate of cases, most of the times it is not possible to identify specific risky factors and it is becoming more and more frequent in young women.

    For this reason, we would like to invite all women to take the opportunity to reflect TODAY upon ways in which they can prevent falling victim to breast cancer.

    Breast Cancer Insurance guarantees a one off payment of 30.000€, if having purchased the cover, you are subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer by a doctor. You are free to choose HOW you want to USE this money; it may me that you want to choose the best possible advice and treatment or you may want to invest this sum to secure the future of your children or you might simply want to have that "little bit extra" available for any unforeseen expenses. The choice is yours.

    Choose to live or TO LIVE.

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