New Legal Defence Insurance for SMEs and self-employed people

    Thursday, 14 November, 2013

    There are more than three million self-employed people and over a million SMEs in Spain. Although the financial crisis has hit SMEs and self-employed people particularly hard, according to data provided by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security (ME&SS), SMEs account for 98% of companies in Spain.

    These business often have problems with bad debts, late payment of invoices, claims from suppliers and customers, and many others. Legal defence insurance lets you stop worrying about legal problems and focus on your business without piling on further expenses.

    SMEs data in spain

    We offer Legal Defence Insurance to protect SMEs and self-employed people with all the cover they may need in their everyday work. Unprecedented improvements and cover: face-to-face legal advice, defence in tax matters, claims concerning financial and banking issues, and claims against contractors and subcontractors.

    You can also choose between two kinds of policies suited to different kinds of business: a basic package containing the most common cover and a flexible policy in which you are free to choose the specific guarantees your business needs.

    You can find more information about Legal Defence Insurance here.

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