Op de Beeck & Worth joins Adecose

    Tuesday, 10 September, 2013

    We have recently joined the Spanish Association of Insurance Brokers. ADECOSE is an independent association founded in 1977 aiming to defend insurance brokers common interests and goals. Their members are leaders in the insurance broker industry who join forces within ADECOSE to bring together competitiveness and know-how in an efficient organization.

    As an ADECOSE member, Op de Beeck & Worth shares the same values and objectives: Professionalism of the insurance brokerage sector, transparency, independence with special focus on providing enhanced consumer information & protection. ADECOSE also stands out as an innovative and international organization to promote interaction on an international level. This again, will be beneficial to you - our clients, as it grants access to international networking and exchange of business. ADECOSE members maintain and share the highest standard of professional activity and the organisation ensures that all its members follow same ethical principles and values.

    Joining ADECOSE is another step forward in our aim to "exceed your expectations".

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