Today in Spain: Day of Financial Education

    Monday, 5 October, 2015
    Financial Planning Service Op de Beeck & Worth


    On 5th October Spain celebrates the first Day of Financial Education.

    Its purpose is to promote the importance of financial planning, savings and access to information as a basis for making economic decisions. Many organizations and companies have joined the initiative with different projects.

    Op de Beeck & Worth Insurance Brokers offer you our Financial Planning Service, enabling you to plan your financial future by making informed decisions.

    Avoid taking up the first offer you may receive. As brokers, we can advise you in the following ways:

    1) We help you compare, so that you may have complete information on the different products available on the market with their advantages and disadvantages.

    2) We will design your economic future according to your age, working conditions, family and your own preferences.

    3) If you already have a current financial plan we help you revise it and suggest ways to improve and adapt it to changing circumstances so as to make it the most cost effective.


    Contact Marta González, who is in charge of our Financial Planning Service, and she will personally and confidentially advise you:

    • T: (0034) 952 88 22 73.


    We congratulate the promoters of the Financial Education Plan for their initiative: the ‘Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores’ and the Bank of Spain.


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