Referencias Op de Beeck & Worth

"Thank you for your reply. We will recommend you to others"
Valerie. December 2015
"Thank you very much for your very efficient help. We do appreciate it."
June. December 2015
"Thank you very much, the cars are now insured. Your team is very efficient and very quick. I'm happy to work with you."
Archibald. November 2015
"Many thanks. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company over the years. Regards"
Peter. November 2015
"Thank you for your intervention with the insurance company. Reimbursement has been a nice surprise. Once again thank you for your personal assistance"
Charles. August 2015
"It is difficult to comprehend what a profound affect a burglary would have on you unless you have actually experienced it. I used to say,….if your house is broken into, it is just “stuff” and it is insured. If only it were that simple. The harsh reality is, it is a personal violation, difficult to comprehend and one that takes months to emotionally recover from. I believe in looking for positives in every situation and the positive for me was I have a professional and experienced insurance broker who quite literally held my hand every step of the way. Believe me I needed it! I don’t speak Spanish, I wasn’t physically in Spain at the time and I had no idea what the process was or what to do first. The claims agent at Op De Beeck Worth was immediately in touch with me and told me exactly what I needed to do and how to do it. Yes the burglary experience was brutal, however Op De Beeck Worth were available every step of the way. The claims process was made easy by their attentiveness, efficiency and professionalism. Every email and phone call I made was swiftly handled which kept me calm and I was reassured throughout the entire process that Op De Beeck & Worth had “got this”. They arranged for the insurance company’s Loss Adjustor to attend quickly and the claim was agreed within a calendar month from the date of the break in to the offer of settlement. As a result of the amazing support and service I received at an extremely difficult time, Op De Beeck & Worth now have a very loyal customer who will forever sing their praises. Thank you all very much indeed for everything! My advice to anyone reading this would be, it is a jungle out there, I hope you are never robbed, but the reality is you could be. Insurance companies are not easy to deal with, please make sure you have a good broker to go and bat for you! From my experience I have no hesitation in recommending Op De Beeck Worth and their amazing staff."
Shirley. August 2015
"Dear Mr. Antonio: I want to thank you for your professionalism, kindness, empathy and good work for me, and also to the team: Isabel, Marta and I'm sure I forget someone else. I wish this world were full of people like you. You're a great person. Thanks"
Nuria. May 2015
"This is great news. I truly appreciate your help and continued efforts throughout this whole procedure, as I am sure my father does as well. You have reinstated my confidence in insurance companies. I wish you all the best."
Bruce. May 2015
"I went this morning to the bank and can confirm that the amount of € XXXX has been already deposited in my bank account, so I am very grateful to the insurance company and especially to you for managing this claim. Thank you!"
Antje. May 2015
"The way I was treated has been very professional, personalized, friendly and approachable at all times. I have been able to purchase a product that perfectly fits my needs amongst several interesting proposals. I would undoubtedly recommend this broker."
Barbara. March 2015