Who would this suit?

Businesses with an extensive network of contacts:

Many business's such as accountants, lawyers, estate agents, etc. often have very strong relationships with their clients.

Simply by introducing Op de Beeck & Worth's service to your clients, you will find how your customer base can be used to generate additional revenue on a recurring basis, whilst at the same time placing your clients insurance requirements in the hands of a very established team of professionals. This is especially true of High Net Worth clients who often do not have adequate insurance arrangements in place, and can be caught out in the event of a claim.

Existing Insurance Brokers or Professionals:

Increasing legislation and regulatory requirements, more administrative workload, and IT requirements means that most insurance professionals are spending less and less time generating new business and more time on the necessary but unproductive task of compliance and servicing of existing business.

By outsourcing this "back-office" work to Op de Beeck & Worth, it enables you to spend your time searching for new clients and business opportunities and focussing on the productive side of the business - income generation.

Individuals looking to boost their income:

Anyone who is well connected, is a good networker, and is prepared to dedicate a little time to introducing insurance leads to OP DE BEECK & WORTH can achieve a considerable additional income, which should grow over time, as the portfolio of clients introduced increases.