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Our product for exclusive homes protects high-value homes, whether the client is Spanish, international, expatriate or resident. It is aimed at a client profile that appreciates personal service and careful assessment of their non-financial assets.

Because we are specialists, we are used to providing different responses to the standard, one-size-fits-all segment, and our professionals are accustomed to interacting and managing high net worth portfolios. We have ample experience in this field, insuring high-value homes and assets, offering a broad range of cover that is adjusted to the lifestyle and property of the insured parties.  

This enables us to access the policies with the best coverage in the sector: we work with companies who are experts in this segment, who understand perfectly the needs of this client segment when it comes to their protection. Our approach with the client allows us to focus on their needs and to evolve in step with the client’s lifestyle, adjusting the policy whenever necessary and giving them advice whenever they need to make modifications.

Our difference
Excellence in claims management
Always defending with the client
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Our home insurance policy for private clients is designed for a profile with a high non-financial asset they want to protect, who wants tailored advice and protection.

The personal touch and one-to-one service that you receive from us is nothing like the treatment you would get from a generalist company, particularly if that company is a financial institution.

Op de Beeck & Worth is the leading broker for private clients in southern Spain and specialises in providing creative, tailored solutions to protect high-end homes and their contents. Solutions that are suited to their owners’ needs and lifestyles.

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Our home insurance policy for private clients has major advantages which a standard policy generally lacks, including:

  • Comprehensive insurance with worldwide coverage.
  • Cover supplied by specialised insurers, accustomed to working with unusual risks, with high insured sums and accustomed to handling claims when the risks or sums insured are higher than the standard amounts.
  • Much higher policy limits compared to standard household insurance.
  • Option to include other homes in the same policy, whether these are in Spain or abroad.
  • Comprehensive cover, with particular attention paid to works of art, antiques, jewellery, etc., including depreciation of artistic value, death of the artist, recently acquired items, etc.
  • Option to include cover to protect the family in the event of kidnap or extorsion.
  • Civil liability limits of €7.5M, including liability for domestic help.
  • Possibility of adapting the policy’s cover, thresholds or deductibles to the client’s specific needs.
  • Interaction with expert loss adjusters who are accustomed to these kinds of risks and to the quality of service expected by the client.
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Although in many cases there is a price differential, each client is unique for us, so their needs and the belongings they want to insure are too. For these reasons it is difficult to generalise about the price of insurance.

What Op de Beeck & Worth is confident about is that access to specialist products is a key determinant in guaranteeing appropriate protection of your non-financial assets. Coverage must match the assets being insured and frequently generalist companies or brokers are not in a position to offer this, which is why a specialist is required.

We advise hundreds of high-net-worth individuals, both Spanish and International; all agree on the high quality of our services when their policy is being managed and also if there is a claim. 

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As well as a product with tailored, specific coverage, our high-end home insurance services can entail:

  • Report and risk assessment of the home, conducted by professionals with recommendations for security measures.
  • In the event of a claim, the peace of mind of knowing that the people coming into your property are used to working in that kind of environment.
  • Help with any other insurance-related needs you may have.
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The high-end home policy offers you the option of taking on additional cover against kidnap and ransom (K&R).

The threat of kidnapping is a real risk that cannot be completely eliminated. This additional cover can help to reduce your exposure to this threat, guaranteeing access to a consultant specializing in the response to this kind of incidents.

Benefits include:

  • Immediate and unlimited access to a consultant specialising in responding to this kind of incident.
  • Advice on personal security and risk reduction.
  • Advice about the ransom for kidnapping, extorsion, detention or a kidnapping-related incident.
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We know that your protection needs may be unique, so we would be delighted to arrange a home visit. You can fill in your contact details on the form for us to telephone you, or you can call or write to us directly and tell us what you need. We will be happy to help you and protect what you most value.

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We help you with your insurance

We will be happy to help you protect everything you need in your company.

Contact us for a personalised study.

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Examples of claims

More information about claims

Efficient action after a fire

The home of one of our insured catches fire and he notifies us of the incident.

We managed to get him not only reimbursed for the loss of the objects and the reconstruction work, but also reimbursement for the damage caused by the firefighters and temporary accommodation until his home is habitable again.

Big property

A well-solved robbery

Our client's bag with valuables and cash is stolen during a trip to Europe. The insured notifies us what happened. Since the high net worth policy has worldwide coverage, we get the insurer to replace the value of the stolen objects.

What our customers say


Thank you for the excellent service.
A friend recommended your company to me years ago and I'm glad I listened to her advice. I have worked with quite a few companies and have rarely had a claim. However, compared to other insurance policies I have occasionally had a claim with (car, dog, ...), your service is top notch: personal service, immediate response, competence and a real personal and individual way you treat your clients.
Thank you very much


The response I received has been very professional, personalised, friendly and close at all times. I have been able to contract a product and service that perfectly suits my needs, when I was faced with several interesting proposals. A success.


All the team members I have dealt with have been professional, patient, polite and friendly. They have dealt with several difficult situations for me and have gone above and beyond to help me. Their advice and judgements have been sound and reliable, so I have always felt safe knowing that I was being well looked after. As an expatriate who does not speak Spanish, life in Spain would be much more difficult without the support of this company.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend Op de Beeck & Worth for a much needed peace of mind. 


You can find us at Centro Comercial Guadalmina IV, Locales 97-98; Guadalmina Alta 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara - Málaga.

Our opening hours are:
Monday - Thursday: From 8:30 to 18:00h
Friday: From 8:30 to 15:00h.

If you would like to pay us a visit, click here to follow the google maps directions or via What3Words at ///scrimp.eraser.barring

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