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Public Liability Insurance for Self-Employed

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Public Liability insurance protects you against claims from third parties for damage caused to them for which you are responsible. Society is becoming increasingly litigious and the concept of claiming against Companies for perceived damage caused is becoming far more widespread, so it’s essential that you have the right liability cover in place to protect you.

Designed for all commercial activities, it is necessary to protect your business in the event you are required to pay compensation for an accident or negligence in which a third party suffers financial loss or injury. 

There are many types of Liability Insurance, including general liability, employers’ liability, Professional Indemnity, product liability, and it’s important that you have the right cover for your business. Some activities are required by law to have liability insurance in place in order to operate so let us guide you through the options and advise you on the best package for your particular circumstances.

Among the advantages of insurance contracted through Op de Beeck & Worth, the following stand out:

  • We work with the best specialist companies.
  • We cover more than 150 different activities and we understand the specific needs of your activity.
  • We go with you at all times. Even more so in the event of a claim.

Don't hesitate to contact Op de Beeck & Worth to choose the right liability insurance for your activity.

Our difference
Excellence in claims management
Always defending with the client
Clear and transparent

As specified in Article 1902 of the Civil Code, Public liability is defined as the obligation to repair the damage and/or harm caused to a person or persons. 

This damage may be caused by a breach of contract (contractual liability) or by the occurrence of a harmful event without a prior contractual link (non-contractual liability).

Liability insurance is aimed at Companies who operate in any sector, and some activities will also require Professional Indemnity Insurance. 

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Public Liability insurance covers personal injury, material damage and the economic consequences caused to third parties as a result of an accident or work not carried out correctly and which generates damage. 

In addition to coverage designed to meet the needs of the self-employed and SMEs, our value proposition is service.

Taking out an insurance policy through Op de Beeck & Worth means having personalised advice in your language. And knowing that whenever there is an incident, your insurance broker will look after your interests.

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  • Public Liability.
  • Rental Liability.
  • Property Liability.
  • Subsidiary Liability of Motor Vehicles.
  • Subsidiary Liability of Contractors or Subcontractors.
  • Accidental contamination Liability.
  • Technical Professionals on Staff Liability.
  • Damage to goods under your care/custody/control.
  • Machinery or vehicles that do not require compulsory TPL.
  • Damage to third parties arising from fire, explosion and water.

Optionally it can be requested:

  • Employer's Liability (including workers of temporary employment agencies).
  • Cross Liability.
  • Pure Patrimonial Damages.
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Our service includes a consultancy phase where we listen to your needs, and then approach the market looking for the best protection available for your circumstances.

Afterwards, our clients have access to an exceptional service where they can manage and modify their policy if necessary, as well as a hands on proactive service in the event of a claim. No need to talk to machines. As your broker and advisor we will accompany you and defend your interests all the way

In addition to this, we provide an excellent service in different languages.

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You can leave your contact details in the form below and we will call you back. Or you can call or write to us directly and tell us your needs. 

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We help you with your insurance

We will be happy to help you protect everything you need in your company.

Contact us for a personalised study.

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What our customers say


Thank you for the excellent service.
A friend recommended your company to me years ago and I'm glad I listened to her advice. I have worked with quite a few companies and have rarely had a claim. However, compared to other insurance policies I have occasionally had a claim with (car, dog, ...), your service is top notch: personal service, immediate response, competence and a real personal and individual way you treat your clients.
Thank you very much


The response I received has been very professional, personalised, friendly and close at all times. I have been able to contract a product and service that perfectly suits my needs, when I was faced with several interesting proposals. A success.


All the team members I have dealt with have been professional, patient, polite and friendly. They have dealt with several difficult situations for me and have gone above and beyond to help me. Their advice and judgements have been sound and reliable, so I have always felt safe knowing that I was being well looked after. As an expatriate who does not speak Spanish, life in Spain would be much more difficult without the support of this company.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend Op de Beeck & Worth for a much needed peace of mind. 


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