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Group health insurance for companies

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Group health insurance for companies is one of the tools that create powerful bindings with employees and is one of the most valued social benefits.

These are policies that are not taken out on an individual basis, all the insured parties are covered under the same contract, the policyholder must be a legal entity (company, association, organisation...) and the insured parties are the people who are part of that group.

At Op de Beeck & Worth we have a wide range of products adapted to our clients, with attention in English if necessary and the best coverage.

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To all those organisations, companies and institutions that wish to reward and link their employees (and family members) through a benefit such as health insurance.

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There are two main modalities within a group scheme.

Open scheme, where the employee is the one who decides whether to take out the group insurance. If the employee accepts, the insurance premium will be deducted from the payroll through flexible compensation.

Closed scheme, where the company takes out the insurance and pays the premium for its employees. In this case it is a payment in kind.

If we talk about insurance, we have different types of insurance oriented to the needs of our clients and with options of total customisation for the group that requires it. 

The main modalities:

Medical panel The client has access to a medical panel of doctors, specialists, diagnostic tests and hospitals. The client only has to show their membership card and the service provided will be directly invoiced to the insurer.

Reimbursement: This is the ideal solution for those looking for total flexibility and versatility. It offers all of the medical cover, but in addition there is freedom of choice of health care provider worldwide (subject to the territorial limitations imposed by your policy). 

We have companies that offer much higher limits than the standard ones you can find in the market.

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The degrees of cover and limits vary from one insurer to another and from one plan to another, however most policies observe certain standards:

Primary care and 24-hour emergency care.

  • Primary care and 24-hour emergency care.
  • Medical specialties. 
  • Hospitalisation and surgery. 
  • Diagnostic methods. 
  • Therapeutic methods. 
  • Dental care. 
  • Health care in the event of accidents at work and traffic accidents. 
  • Complementary coverage: 
    • Assisted reproduction 
    • Health and preventive medicine programmes. 
    • Psychology. 
    • Prosthesis.    
  • Reimbursement of umbilical cord maintenance costs for the first six years. 
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses for the first six years. 
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses for the first six years. 
  • Reimbursement of medication costs. 
  • Worldwide travel assistance in case of emergency, in trips of less than 180 days, with a limit of €20 000 per insured person per year. 

Digital health services via app and telephone medical advice lines, second medical opinion in case of serious illness and telemedicine services with general practitioners and specialists. 

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Assistance policies have no limit

Reimbursement policies have limits ranging between 80% and 90% in Spain and abroad. The overall annual limits range from the simplest policy with €60 000 gross per year to €650 000 per year.

In some group policies the limits are wider or limited by an aggregate value of all insured persons. 

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We offer an unrivalled service in different languages: we know that a full experience is not only having the best insurance, but also having the possibility of receiving the best advice with the best disposition whenever it is necessary. 

And we have access to the best products from different companies thanks to the distribution agreements we have with major insurance companies. We have collaborated in the creation of very complete insurances, which makes us offer the best options adapted to the protection and budgetary needs of our customers.

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In most cases, the advantages for policyholders are significant:

  • Elimination of waiting periods, being able to access the full coverage of the policy from the first moment (with some exceptions).
  • No co-payments.
  • Cheaper premium with a considerable reduction in the price per insured person.
  • Greater linkage with employees, having health insurance is one of the social benefits that workers value most.
  • More specific coverage can be customised for members of the group, such as dental coverage, eyeglasses, etc.

In addition, the costs of the premiums are fully deductible for the company in the Corporate Tax.

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You can leave your contact details in the form so that we can call you back or you can call or write to us directly and tell us your needs. We will be happy to help you protect the things you hold dearest.

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We help you with your insurance

We will be happy to help you protect everything you need in your company.

Contact us for a personalised study.

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What our customers say


Thank you for the excellent service.
A friend recommended your company to me years ago and I'm glad I listened to her advice. I have worked with quite a few companies and have rarely had a claim. However, compared to other insurance policies I have occasionally had a claim with (car, dog, ...), your service is top notch: personal service, immediate response, competence and a real personal and individual way you treat your clients.
Thank you very much


The response I received has been very professional, personalised, friendly and close at all times. I have been able to contract a product and service that perfectly suits my needs, when I was faced with several interesting proposals. A success.


All the team members I have dealt with have been professional, patient, polite and friendly. They have dealt with several difficult situations for me and have gone above and beyond to help me. Their advice and judgements have been sound and reliable, so I have always felt safe knowing that I was being well looked after. As an expatriate who does not speak Spanish, life in Spain would be much more difficult without the support of this company.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend Op de Beeck & Worth for a much needed peace of mind. 


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